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Sunday, February 26, 2006

First Morrissey, now Henry Rollins

Well unlike Morrissey at least I can imagine Henry Rollins as inspiring a little fear in someone, but really folks the paranoia is way outta hand silly, doncha think.

was notified by officials in Australia that he was a person of interest within their anti-terrorism establishment. Why? Because he chose Ahmed Rashid's book "Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia" as his in flight reading material while flying to Australia. Apparently this disturbed the gentlemen sitting next to him, who notified authorities. Here's what Henry has to say, via MTV.Com:

"The guy phoned me in to their, like, anti-terrorist board, and they found me — they looked me up," he said. "They looked up the flight and found out who was sitting in seat 10A and they got to me. And they said, 'OK, you're now a person of interest. The man next to you does not agree with your politics and he didn't like the book you were reading.' This kind of provocation, I don't respond very well to. I was furious. And so I wrote back, 'You can tell everyone at your office, including your boss, to go f--- themselves. This book has been read by a ton of people — I am not a threat to your state or any state or any republic.'"

Read the rest here, and enjoy the New World Order.


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