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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Devo bassist, Gerald Casale:
"Hey, I'd rather be on this list than not on it. We were pissed-off nerds with a plan! And we made being nerds sexy because we worked like a military drill team. Besides, when nerds make money, they get laid."

Truer words were never spoken I'm sure.

Sync Magazine has posted their list of the 50 biggest of all time. Jerry and the rest of clockout at 45.

45 Devo Red energy dome- and jumpsuit-wearing electronic rockers. Defining nerd moment The "Whip It" video made Devo early MTV icons. Unfortunately, they signed an unfavorable music contract and now no longer hold the rights to their hit songs. Instead of living off royalties, lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh now survives by composing songs for Rugrats cartoons.

Miraculously somehow DEVO gets beaten by at DEVO's own game. KISS earned a ranking of 27th. In fact a strong argument is made for their nerdly status.

27 KISS "Knights in Satan's Service?" More like "Keepin' It Seriously Supergeeky." Defining nerd moment See the made-for-TV movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. It's not versus the Phantom of the Park or fights the Phantom of the Park. They meet the Phantom of the Park. "Hi Gene, a pleasure I'm sure ... "

Who's the King of All Nerds? Topping the list at number one is level 50 Nerd Lord Gary Gygax.

1 Gary Gygax Cocreator of Dungeons & Dragons and father of role-playing games. Defining nerd moment With a last name that sounds like a barbarian warrior from space, is it any wonder this guy invented the 20-sided die? Between 1977 and 1979, Gygax released Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for advanced dorks, taking the cult phenomenon to new heights whilst giving himself a +5 salary of lordly might.

See the full list here.


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