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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fun with Fundamentalism.

Oh what fun. Remember this quote from good ol a few days ago:

"He was dividing God's land, and I would say, 'Woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the [European Union], the United Nations or the United States of America,'"

"God says, 'This land belongs to me, and you'd better leave it alone,'"

Well will have none of that BS, and good for them! According to CNN
Israeli... Tourism Minister Abraham Hirchson said he gave instructions to "stop all contact" with groups associated with Robertson.

Oh and speaking of loving, caring , how bout that Fred Phelps and his cadre of larval demons from the Westboro Baptist Church. (warning, that link will repulse you, or it should)

In case you are unaware, they like to go to the funerals of fallen soldiers and protest because they feel that our soldiers die as punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuals. Nice huh?

From the Indianapolis Star:

The Westboro Baptist Church's protest Tuesday at the funeral for Pfender in Evansville was offensive to plenty.

A handful of protesters, all women, stomped on the American flag in the pouring rain while veterans stood with their backs to the protesters, singing "God Bless America." Among the signs church members held was one that thanked God for improvised explosive devices, one of the leading killers of soldiers in Iraq.

"It's hard to believe. It infuriates you," said Jan Bender, 22, a Marine and childhood friend of Pfender's who attended the service. "It's one thing to flex your rights as an American and say what you want to say, but they're gouging into an open wound.

"Their sign said 'Thank God for IEDs.' That's exactly what killed Jonathan."

Emotions created by the church's protest are what have led Bender and others to support Steele's bill. But Mark Acker, the Veterans Affairs officer for Vanderburgh County who also attended Pfender's funeral, said he still disagrees with regulating the protests.

The Indiana General Assembly is considering a bill that would restrict such protesting by making it a felony to disturb the peace within 500 feet of a funeral.

"I understand the legislation, but that's what we have the Constitution for," Acker said. "Even if you're a radical or a moron and your argument makes no sense, for us to go passing legislation is not a plus -- it's just giving in to these people's actions by eroding the Constitution.

"My personal opinion is that if we're going to have these kids over there fighting for freedom, then sometimes you have to put up with freedoms you don't really like," said John Doyle, Sandy's husband and Jeremy's father. "I'm the minority in my family on this, for sure."

I agree with Mr. Doyle, but these whackos are out of hand. It never fails to amaze me how folks can twist the tale of a man who prayed for the forgiveness and salvation of those that whipped stabbed and crucified him into a tale of hatred.


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