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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Social Security Rant

Social Security, where does Captain Corruption stand?

I want it canceled on me now... I've known all my life the pyramid scheme would topple some day and I want it to topple BEFORE my kids are faced with paying for me. It is not, nor should it be, a child's responsibility to be forced to pay for their elder's retirements. Retirement is an earned privilege, not a right.

That so many generations since FDR have saddled their debts onto their children is despicable, pathetic and irresponsible but I won't expect them to starve in their old age. Cut ME off, and go ahead and make me pay for the the irresponsible "greatest" "boomer" and "me" generations who couldn't see fit to provide for themselves. But do not force my kids to pay for others... it should not be their responsibility.

Signed - Gen X'ers who weren't born with enough middle fingers.


Blogger David Amulet said...

A courageous statement, and one that is not heard often enough. Well done.

-- david

6:55 PM  
Blogger Tea Melton said...

Captain Corruption - My Hero!

As one of the Gen Xers you are talking about, let me first applaud that you recognize our parents' generation's part in the whole Social Security crunch.... But I just can't let them take ALL of the credit.

Since I was born, I've known there would be no Social Security for me. That still doesn't mean that MY generation isn't just as irresponsible with their personal finances and complacent with dismal economic performance by the government.

People my (our) age need to start caring more about politics than they do about what celebrity dumped whom and why. It's sick that most of my friends have no clue who Barbara Boxer is, but can tell me what Britney Spears' baby's name is. And I'm not 16.... I'm 25. That's right. TWENTY FIVE. So, you see.... We are horrible stewards of this country with no drive other than consumerism and false security.

Unfortunately, my generation isn't stepping up to the plate, and because of that, I'm pretty sure my kids and my grandkids and my GREAT grandkids are going to pay through the nose for the war(s) that Social Security has sadly funded.

Oh, and about that middle finger problem.... Didn't you see the story about the bodysnatchers? You can get extra middle fingers wholesale!

Give it a read....

4:56 PM  

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