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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

They hate us for our freedoms?

So let's see, what's been going on lately...

Hmmm is championing the White House's position that Congress should not limit our ability to torture prisoners. Meanwhile it turns out we've got a network of Soviet style secret prisons throughout Europe where we hold untold numbers of detainees for undefined lengths of time for non existent charges.

Meanwhile on the homefront our fine under the guise of the has been issuing over 30,000 security letters allowing agents to seize electronic data without a Judge's permission. That's a 100 fold increase over historic norms. Included amongst those "investigated" are Doug Thompson, a frightening... Get ready for it... Photo journalist.

As if all these shenanigans, plus the outing, weren't enough, the is stirring up mortal fear of a that shows no sign of developing beyond the realm of a definitely positive absolute maybe. One wonders if Rumsfeld's substantial stock holdings in the patent holder of Tamiflu has any bearing on that fear mongering.

So, is it our freedoms that inspire hatred, or our greed driven hypocrisy?


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