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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No difference between Repbulicrats and Demoblicans

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham ALMOST gets it right.

"If we really want to do well in 2006, we need to have fiscal discipline like Republicans campaigned on,"

"We have lost our way as a party. Our base is deflated and taxpayers don't see any difference between us and the Democrats."

Lindsay, it's not that we don't see any difference, its that there IS no difference.

At least Ron Paul get's it:

Only in Washington DC can a spending increase be called a spending cut-- but that’s exactly what happened last week. Congress passed a budget bill that merely slows the rate at which some federal spending grows by a tiny percentage, and both parties acted as though a revolution had taken place...

The budget bill fails to address the root of the spending problem--this belief that Congress continually must create new federal programs and agencies. However, with the federal government’s unfunded liabilities-- Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid-- projected to reach as much as $50 trillion by the end of this year, Congress no longer can avoid serious efforts to rein in spending. Instead of a smoke-and-mirrors approach, Congress should begin the journey toward fiscal responsibility by declaring a ten percent reduction in real spending, followed by a renewed commitment to fund only those government functions that are consistent with the Constitution.


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