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Thursday, October 13, 2005

"You can't charge people for being dumb"

Well, actually, Nanny Staters make a point of charging people for being dumb, but I still found it refreshing to hear a law enforcement officer admit the hypocrisy.

CROWN POINT, Ind. -- Two teenagers became so ill they had to be placed on life support after they and three others ate seeds from a hallucinogenic jimson weed plant that authorities said they found growing in a Lake County field.

"They were all screwed up," said Mike Higgins, a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

Higgins said the teens went online to research jimson weed, which is also called loco weed, stink weed and devil's trumpet. The plant grows throughout many parts of the country.

"They went on a local hayride and saw some of it growing wild and went back and picked it and ingested the seeds," Higgins said.

The entire plant is toxic and can cause a feeling of euphoria and hallucinations, in addition to seizures, flushed and dry skin, a rapid heart rate and dilated pupils. It can also cause people to stop breathing.

Crown Point police removed the plant from the field where it was found, but Higgins said no laws were broken since the plant, or its ingestion, isn't illegal.

The teenagers will not be charged.

"You can't charge people for being dumb," Higgins said.


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