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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wal-Mart and minimum wage

CEO Lee Scott recently told his employees that the current "is out of date with the times."

Mr. Scott went on to say, "While it is unusual for us to take a public position on a public policy issue of this kind, we simply believe it is time for Congress to take a responsible look at the minimum wage and other legislation that may help working families."

Ok, so that's the feel good stuff the PR firm told him to release publicly. Then there's the conversation in the board room we don't get to hear:

Lee Scott: "Hey, we already sell stuff below Mom and Pop's costs. We already control the pricing, packaging, and distribution structures of an enormous amount of vendors. What method of competition elimination have we missed here folks?"

Random board member: "We could use the feds to increase Mom and Pop's labor costs..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting.....adopt the position of being concerned about poverty levels, and propose a solution that raises the poverty to a new level. Its still poverty, ain't it?;)

11:23 PM  

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