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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Federal Government Spreads Spanish Flu!

You may know that the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918 has been reconstructed in a laboratory setting. What you are unaware of is the plot to deliberately infect the United States populace with the newly reconstructed strain. Some say that since our species now has some inborn immune defenses to the 1918 strain that the plan is a benevolent plot meant to strengthen our immune systems to exotic flu viruses in hopes of helping us survive the imminent bird flu pandemic. As a victim of the 's recent re-release, I know better. It is a test of bio weapon effectiveness, and an immensely successful test at that.

It starts with an unexplained fever, possibly as high as 102-103 degrees, with joint and body aches. This lasts for two to three days with no other significant symptoms. On the third or fourth day a sore throat and mild cold symptoms may occur while the fever recedes. Then on day six, just when you think you've recovered, the fever returns to full strength for another 24 hours.

Have you or anyone you know undergone those symptoms recently? If so, they are evidence of how successful this bio-weapons test has been. The release of the true weapon, the , is coming soon, to depopulate the world so the global elite will have total control.

Hey it could be true... Or it could be one of the uber funky dreams I had while sleeping off my 102 degree fever. But I gotta tell ya, from 9-11 to intentional levee breaks to the Georgia Guidestones actually meaning something people will believe just about anything. Feel free to cut and paste the top three paragraphs and have chain e-mail fun with em! Tell your friends you read it on the so it must be true.


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