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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bird Flu and you

Personally I think its a lot of hype, but nevertheless there's lots of talk about in the media lately. All the worry about a potential pandemic, with folks asking how prepared federal and state governments are to respond. Well, that's all fine and dandy, but given how well state and federal governmental bureaucracy dealt with , which is a small fry disaster compared to the projections of a pandemic scenario, did anyone learn the lesson that government can't do jack?

If you think its coming what are you doing for you and yours?

Got a months supply of necessities in your home? Got cash in the bank ready in case you have to take a month off work? Are you ready to quarantine yourself and your family so as not to catch it and not to spread it?

If everyone were able to do just that, quarantine themselves, there might be very little spread, with zero government help. Do you really think your best bet is to count on the government? Sadly, lots of folks think precisely that. I wish them luck, they're gonna need it.


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