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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Made ya look didn't I? Yup, gotta love those outrageously sensationalist headlines that our friends in provide us. This one tickled my fancy today:

State's West Nile cases surge to nine

Go ahead, click the headline link. You better... You might be missing life saving information about the horrible, awful SURGE. I mean, we're talking NINE people, (most of whom will be fine in a few days)who've gotten the dreaded West Nile.

Nevermind that influenza kills twenty thousand people nationwide every year... The Flu has been around forever, so that's not news that will sell papers. West Nile, responsible for a whopping 88 deaths nationwide in 2004, has a nice exotic name. It's new, its fresh. That's the headline ya want.

So remember folks, stay indoors in close proximity with other people. Breathe the air they cough into, touch the surfaces they sneezed on. Whatever you do, DON'T go outside... ya might get a mosquito bite!

Guess where you can get your Corporate Media Sucks gear at? Yeah, I'm obvious, so what?


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