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Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Populist Propagandist

Apparently and recently got in some sort of turmoil regarding some loan situation or some such affair that will have zero impact on my life.

You may also recall the scandal of .

Both of these events rallied not a small number of folks to arms, screaming and yelling about the right wing or left wing poster boy's hypocrisy.


See, just like my posts elsewhere bout there being no significant difference betwixt and politicians I also see no difference between Rush Limbaugh and , and Al Franken. All are a bunch of blowhard propagandists shouting, screaming, and cheerleading for their "side" so they can get better ratings and sell more books or movie tickets. And you better believe that the Republicrats and Democans at the top, armed with and bought off by their feudal warchests, love these blowhards from both sides.

See, the is the body of the two headed republicrat beast. All the top congressmen and senators and all the presidential candidates are owned by a chunk of said corporate feudal state. or ... hey it don't matter, its all the same.

Said corporate feudalists managed to gain a monopoly on the media a couple decades ago, so please don't get fooled into thinking it matters one bit to those at the top of the food chain whether you watch or ... Its all part of the same deal.

Rush Limbaugh gave the corporate feudal state, corporate media, and the they own an impressive new toy to play with... The populist propagandist. The populist propagandist makes a load of cash for himself and his sponsors by rallying the troops around the artificial left and right "sides". They earn their bread and butter by constantly pounding home the message that those who think differently than their audience are completely out of touch whackos with nothing worthwhile to say. The populist propagandist has managed to turn the once descriptive terms and into epithets for monkey men to hurl at each other, and as long as those monkey men are busy hurling epithets they aren't busy thinking. A thinking populace is exactly what the corporate feudalists and their politicians don't want.

They don't want you thinking about the corporate feudal state that controls the corporate media that sponsors the propagandist that helps shill its crap. They don't want you thinking about the politicians, on both sides, that have been bought off and are controlled by the corporate feudal state to further entrench themselves into their hegemony.

What they want is for you to spend your time being mad at Limbaugh or Franken or Hannity or Moore over some nonsense said blowhard spouted, so when it comes time to vote why, why, YOU'LL SHOW THEM! You'll emotionally charge into that voting booth and vote for your "side", not acknowledging that neither "side" has managed in your lifetime to make a bit of difference, they've only managed to maintain and strengthen their collective stranglehold on power.


Blogger Chris Osborne said...

Isn't it interesting the George Washington, the FATHER of our country warned us AGAINST political party's. He said that ultimately (I am paraphrasing) party's would try to dominate over one another instead of serving the people!
See entire speech here

8:48 AM  
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