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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Park Bench Nanny Law

But but its for the children!

Thank for our ! Without Nanny Laws dangerous folks like Sandra Catena, Dance Instructor, might be able to freely sit on any park bench they choose.

See, this dangerous criminal ran into City's park bench squad, who were ready at a moments notice to apprehend suspects violating the city's park bench ordinances. One of these ordinances prohibits adults that aren't accompanying a child from sitting at playground benches. I'll let channel 7 reporter Jim Dolan take it from here:
Sandra Catena, Dance Instructor: "They said it's against the law, you have to be accompanied by a child to sit in a kitty park and they were giving me a summons. I said 'you're kidding right?' and he said 'no.'"

And so the officers, obviiusly well-trained at sensing a dangerous situation when they encounter one, did the only thing sensible. While they were writing this dance instructor a summons, they called for back-up.

Already guarded by two officers, one of whom had his hand on his gun, according to Catena, two more police officers soon arrived and stood nearby with their hands on their guns in case there was trouble - from the dance instructor.

Sandra Catena, Dance Instructor: "The other two officers that just puled up their car got out, spoke with the other cop and then they walked toward me - they both had their hands on their guns too."

But there was no trouble. They wrote the summons and now the dance instructor has to face the bar of justice for her ... crime.

Sandra Catena, Dance Instructor: "I have to go to court on November 16th and I was told that if I did not go to court a warrant would be issued for my arrest if the judge does not dismiss this I can get 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine."


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I5t would be funny if it wasn't so insanely stupid.
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