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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Eminent Domain - a hill of beans!

The N.K. Hurst Company of Indianapolis finds itself at odds with the power of the state and our friend . Indianapolis and Indiana insist they need the property of the 67 year old bean company for a parking lot supporting a new retractable roof stadium and convention center expansion. John Klipsch, executive director of the Indiana Stadium and Convention Center Building Authority insists "We absolutely need their property. What's to be negotiated is how we pay them."

The N.K. Hurst company has their own proposal, but thus far the State of Indiana isn't listening. Well, I suggest we listen, so here it is:

Hurst's Proposal:

• Create parking spaces on alternative land that is already available.

• Adapt landscaping and the Hurst building's natural architectural features to complement the Stadium Authority.

A Win-Win-Win-Win Solution

• Indiana taxpayers will pay less for the Stadium project.

• Hurst will continue to generate gross revenues for Central Indiana projected over the next 30 years to be $205 Million.

• A 70-year employer and a solid corporate citizen will remain as a part of the Indianapolis downtown business community.

• The Colts will get all 3,000 parking spaces they are entitled to under their lease.

Long and Short Term Costs to Relocate

N.K. Hurst has estimated that it will incur relocation and business disruption costs in excess of $7,500,000 in the event of a forced relocation.

The building has been there since 1947 and the company has played an active role as a responsible civic citizen. Let's hope for a miracle... that the state will give them a fair shake!


Anonymous EvilArtDude said...

You have to remember something -- even though the proposal sounds good and is well thought out -- this is Indianapolis were talking about. While Bart is mayor, common sense takes a back seat to greedy power grabs.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Jim Hurst said...

My family and our employees appreciate everyone's support.

Visit for updates.

12:52 AM  

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