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Monday, September 12, 2005

Corrupt Drug Policy

Ok I'll lay it on the line here. It's your body, it's your brain, do what ya want with it. If you're stupid enough to want to destroy yourself by shooting or freebasing what do I care? Well, frankly, I don't... at least until my tax dollars come into play. Ya better not need me to buy you a meal if you can afford your fix, and that fix, by the way, includes booze and cigs. If you're subsidized ya oughtta pee in a cup first. Test positive for nicotine, alcohol, or worse and ya get cut off. Period.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's chat a bit about my practical proposal to get our troops and kids out of the . The drug war has failed. is an impossible task. If demand for a product exists a market WILL create itself. If said market is forced underground things get terminally ugly. Put it this way - the best thing alcohol prohibition did for this country was enhance the fortune. Think about that one, , cuz it scares me too!

So what solution do I offer? , and , just like booze and cigs. Let RJ Reynolds grow and roll it, let Eli Lilly cook and distribute it, and let 21st Amendment Liquor's check ID's when its bought.

Crazy you say? Well, the way I see it its crazy to continue to flush billions down the toilet fighting a war that can't be won. Its crazy imprisoning kids, branding them felons, and throwing them to the prison wolves for their youthful indiscretion. Its crazy locking up folks because they suffer from the disease of addiction. Finally its crazy creating a massive black market that provides an enormous profit center for the worst thugs in our society!

Through legalization, regulation and taxation currently "controlled" substances can actually BE controlled. Tell me, when is the last time the local crack dealer checked ID before selling to a kid?

Through legalization, regulation and taxation we can not only save billions of dollars currently spent fighting the drug war we can actually create revenue. We can funnel that money toward the investigation and prosecution of REAL crimes, including contributing to the deliquency of a minor. We can funnel that money toward actual honest substance abuse education, and not just cheesy PSA's about "your brain on drugs." We can funnel that money toward addiction treatment.

I'm quite confident that even after spending money on treatment and education there would be a net revenue gain compared to the spending sink hole that is the drug war. Nevertheless even if we just break even the worst costs of the drug war would be eliminated... No longer would we be incarcerating our youth, no longer would we be offering an outrageously profitable revenue stream to the dregs of our society, and no longer would we be putting the best and brightest of the law enforcement community in harms way.


Anonymous EvilArtGuy said...

Amen brother!!!

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice reading, Captain. I was wondering if there have been studies completed concerning the 'regulation' part of your commentary?

Had the money that has been spent on the current "war" been used solely for prevention education, I believe many kids would still give drugs a try (lets face it - they are going to experiement), but most would not continue the usage.

Besides, if it were legal (and regulated), I think it would be far more difficulat for kids to obtain the drugs in the first place.


3:18 PM  
Blogger Captain Corruption said...

I confess I don't know about any studies... I'm shooting from the hip on this one. Besides, studies are skewed by the folks that fund them regardless.

By "regulation" I meant pretty much the same sorta concept as Alchohol and Nicotine products, from potency labeling to warning labels to age and sobriety requirements at purchase, and severe penalties for the business that violates those regs.

Caffeine, alchohol, nicotine, viagra, pot, coke, etc. Folks will experiment, no doubt. Most grow up and walk away, some enjoy themselves and can handle it, some get addicted. Locking any of the above up is ludicrous and outrageously expensive.

I definitely feel that legal markets are far easier to control than illegal markets. Sure, no doubt about it that a daring teenage girl can get some sucker in the parking lot to buy her a six pack at the liquor store, but I bet she has an easier time right now scoring a dime rock from a thug.

I certainly don't think I offer a perfect solution because a perfect solution doesn't exist. A wise man once told me Utopia is not an option. Nevertheless, locking up kids, getting good cops shot at, and giving thugs a massive profit center makes no sense at all.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"I certainly don't think I offer a perfect solution because a perfect solution doesn't exist."


"Folks will experiment, no doubt. Most grow up and walk away, some enjoy themselves and can handle it, some get addicted."

I believe our current "solution(s)" fail because they tend to lump these three groups together, and it is assumed that all drug use/drug users is/are 'harmful to society', which is plain bs.

As you stated, most walk away. For the vast majority of those that don't, they still handle themselves just fine. (Good folks, productive, responsible, etc). It is the last group mentioned that has the lawmakers scurrying to invade our privacy, erm, I mean scurrying to make laws to address the 'problem'.

Being that addiction is a personal issue (not a public one) causes me to believe there will never be a public law or rule made that accurately addresses it. People are vastly different, including those addicted to drugs. Concerning addiction, no common law can possibly encompass all folks.

Now, do I believe drug use is harmful? I don’t find that to be a question that deserves a yes or no answer. It simply ain't that simple! The only question a drug-user should ever ask themselves is “Is my use of this drug causing problems to me, my family, or society in general?” If you are a drug-user and you find yourself answering yes to that question then you may want to reconsider the wisdom of doing the drug. If a user is unwilling to admit it, their mind is closed and they cannot be helped. Not by friends, family, church, or even…..stupid laws that already do not help.


11:38 AM  
Blogger M. Simon said...

You think itis a war on drug users. It is not.

It really is a war on drugs:

The War On Unpatented Drugs

A well known secret

8:46 PM  
Blogger M. Simon said...

Did you mention Viagra?

Better than Viagra

8:48 PM  
Blogger Chief RZ said...

I agree on the welfare solution. Do drugs, don't steal from me, don't kill me with your irrational driving behavior (yesterday's high speed chase), don't rape and kill innocent women:

... and don't come to the hospital asking for the taxpayers to foot the bill for your overdoses.

9:38 AM  

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