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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

When in lethargic doubt, steal from the Weird

Good ol News of the Weird this week has its usual compliments of entertaining tales from around the globe. My favorites? Here ya go:

Leading Economic Indicators

In June, Co-President Stephen S. Crawford of the financial giant Morgan Stanley (who was installed in the job in order to ensure management "stability" during the company's currently shaky status with investors) signed a two-year contract at $16 million a year which allowed him, if he changed his mind, to resign and promptly collect all $32 million. A few days later, he resigned. The "stability" was needed at faltering Morgan Stanley because longtime CEO Philip J. Purcell had just been eased out, but his contract called for $113 million in severance pay. [New York Times, 7-11-05]



(1) Lisa G. Berzins, a nationally known psychologist and expert on eating disorders, was arrested in a West Hartford, Conn., convenience store in July after, according to police, passing out from inhaling the aerosol from three cans of whipped cream. (2) The Virginia Employment Agency, which handles unemployment compensation, announced layoffs of 400 employees in June for lack of work because unemployment is so low in the state. (3) Todd Christian, 26, who flies 40 feet through the air as "Todd the Human Cannonball" for Britain's Cottle and Austin Circus, was fired in June because he refused a training assignment in Brazil, protesting that he doesn't like long airplane flights. [Newsday-AP, 7-11-05] [Richmond Times-Dispatch-AP, 6-4-05] [Agence France-Presse, 6-16-05]

By all means, though, go read the rest for yourself.


Blogger Ginger said...

LOL.. I LOVE reading News of the Weird.. My Hubby and I sit and read it on Friday mornings (sick, I know)

9:27 PM  

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