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Monday, August 01, 2005

Sure I've got it good, but not THIS good!

Well sure, I can pop down the road and buy some fresh corn and tomatoes, but I sure can't drop $200,600.00 on Luke's Lightsaber. That's what the original prop held by Mark Hamill in sold at auction for today. I'm personally scratching my head at that $200,600.00 part. How did the bidding get to $200 grand and stop at 600 more? The other bidders just couldn't bring themselves to pay $200,700.00? Oh, well, $200 grand is no problem but two hundred thousand SIX HUNDRED, well, I can't go that far.

Other items sold included 's light saber for $118 large, an leather jacket for $94 large, and a jacket for $41,300.00.

Luke Skywalker

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