Captain Corruption\'s Commentary

Friday, August 19, 2005

Reality is for people who can't handle role playing games!

Why pay attention to Col. 's low points, 's comings and goings, or whether has turned up yet when there are to slay and maidens to rescue? Day two of Captain Corruption's appearance at is finished, and today's treasure haul was glorious indeed!

After a valiant effort in a tournament it was off to pillage the show floor, where the art of Ruth Thompson was far too tempting to ignore. She lured me in with visions of beauty from the fairie realm, but it was a special edition print of Draconis Nox that I would take home with me. BTW the following image is Thunderstruck, not Draconis Nox, but its a great print as well, dontcha think? Ruth knows dragons, so check out her site!

© Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.

Captain Corruption will grudgingly return to reality in a couple days, but for now there's a convention center to pillage!


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