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Friday, August 05, 2005

Oregon Nanny State Says Nyquil Requires Prescription

Well folks, if you catch a little sniffle in , better be prepared to take the day off and break out your insurance co-pay. As if laws requiring cold med's kept behind the counter weren't enough for the , in Oregon if ya need some it will soon require a prescription. YUP you heard that right... Cold medicines with psuedoephed will require a prescription from your doctor. The theory is that somehow punishing all the law abiding citizens of Oregon with Draconian laws will reduce Meth abuse, or create a new black market. Either way the government wins by seizing yet another liberty.

What's that, you don't have ? Irrelevant, pay for the doctors visit yourself! Oh, you say you only get 10 paid days off and you used them when you caught the flu... take a day off without pay to go to the doctors to get your cold remedy! All three of your kids have a cough... woo hoo, three co-pays!

Let's hear it straight from the idiots mouth shall we. Oregon Govenor Ted Kulongoski released the following statement.

"I am grateful that the legislature has joined with me in my effort to fight the methamphetamine epidemic in Oregon. I particularly want to recognize the leadership of Representatives Krieger and Macpherson and Senators Burdick and Beyer who put partisanship aside to advance this important piece of legislation.

"The measure passed in the Senate today will have a significant impact on our state by keeping pseudoephedrine out of the hands of cooks. It also strengthens the work already done to increase penalties for the distribution of meth, provide effective drug treatment, and bolster our prevention efforts.

"With these next steps, we can continue to make progress in eliminating meth in our communities, ensuring the safety of our children and making Oregon a better place for us all to live."

No surprise here that it was a bi-partisan effort... Nothing unifies The Two Headed Dragon of the Republicrat Party than another opportunity to seize your and expand its power.

Enjoy your exploding insurance premiums Oregonians. Enjoy your over flowing doctor's offices, filled to the brim with common cold patients when you actually need to see the doc for, you know, a real sickness. As for the rest of the US, don't worry, you'll be seeing these laws soon enough... your nanny government knows what's best for you.


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