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Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Ooops our bad" London police got a wee bit excessive

Hmmm... Looks like the para military units of the may have gotten a few wittle details wrong when they shot that gentlemen Jean Charles De Menezes. You know, the one they shot who was dressed in heavy clothing, acting nervous and who then ignored orders and fled from the police.

Turns out CCTV shows him acting quite calmly, wearing a denim jacket, jogging to catch up with his train, and oh by the way in CUSTODY when shot. Ooops!

Says Reuters:

Initial police reports said the Brazilian electrician was dressed suspiciously in a heavy coat, had fled armed officers, vaulted over ticket barriers and run onto a train.

But leaked documents obtained by ITV News said CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts showed he was not wearing a padded jacket which could have concealed a bomb, and walked calmly through the station, even stopping to collect a free newspaper.

According to witnesses and statements made by police officers involved, de Menezes then boarded a train and was restrained by a surveillance officer before he was shot.

The leaked report said the intelligence operation may have been botched because an officer carrying out surveillance had gone to the toilet when de Menezes left his home apartment block, which police suspected housed one of the suspect bombers.

But don't worry folks, the police will get it right the next time. The International Association of Police Chiefs even has a profile and a plan to ensure they get it right when shooting suspected suicide bombers:

Suicide Bomber Profile

Following is a checklist for observing,reporting,responding and investigating suicide bombing incidents. It is not designed as a comprehensive or complete list of all considerations in these areas but is suggestive of the types of common concerns that may affect police and other emergency service responders. A noted authority on terrorism states that Israeli authorities and psychologists have carefully developed behavioral profiles that might help security personnel identify a potential suicide bomber. The following are among the most obvious signs of such persons according to this source.
• The wearing of heavy clothing, no matter what the season. Long coats or skirts may be used to conceal explosive belts and devices.
• An unusual gait,especially a robotic walk. This could indicate someone forcing or willing himself or herself to go through with a mission.
• Tunnel vision. The bomber often will be fixated on the target and for that reason will look straight ahead. He or she also may show signs of irritability,sweating,tics,and other nervous behavior. (The Al Qaeda terrorist Ahmed Ressam,who was captured at a border crossing in Washington state while driving a car filled bomb-making materials, caught the attention of authorities because of his excessive sweating, furtive eyes, and other nervous movements.)
• The appearance of being drugged. The suicide truck bomber who attacked the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983 had been drugged before the attack and was tied to the seat of his vehicle.
• Signs of drug use—including,for example,enlarged pupils,fixed stare,and erratic behavior.
• Bags or backpacks (used to carry explosives,nails,and other shrapnel). The bomber generally holds his or her bag or backpack tightly,sometimes gingerly,and may refuse to be separated from it.
• A fresh shave—a male with a fresh shave and lighter skin on his lower face may be a religious Muslim zealot who has just shaved his beard so as not to attract attention,and to blend in better with other people in the vicinity.
• A hand in the pocket or tightly gripping something—this could be someone clutching a detonator or a trigger for an explosive device. Such triggers, which may be designed in the form of button, usually are rather stiff so that they may not be set off accidentally. (One Israeli acquaintance described how he and several guards shot a would-be bomber numerous times, but found his twitching finger still on the button—and still posing a danger, thereafter.) • Evasive movements. It seems obvious that anyone who tries to avoid eye contact,or to evade security cameras and guards, or who appears to be surreptitiously conducting surveillance of a possible target location, may be a bomber.

Such profiles are valuable not only for law enforcement personnel but for all persons who work in security or related fields in facilities or other locations that are potential targets or, where intelligence indicates an elevated risk of a terrorist attack. Programs throughout the United States have successfully recruited key personnel within the community to act as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement. Mall security officers for example have been introduced to the above type of profile information in order to more effectively spot potential terrorist threats. Similarly, community outreach programs provided training to other persons who are in positions where they are more likely to interact with terrorist cells or operatives,such as car rental agents,truck rental agents,security storage operators,hotel and motel managers,school and hospital security officers,and related persons.

Pretty generic profile if ya ask me. Consider this scenario.

And what to do about a person fitting such a profile? What else but "neutralizing shots should ideally target the suspects ear canal or bridge of the nose using a high velocity rifle such as an AR-15"

Ahh yes, welcome to the . Western Para Military Police shooting innocent citizens for being a bit spaced out. is loving it.

Credit where credit is due... thanks to Lazarus Long on the Indy Star message board for bringing most of this to light here.


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