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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Natalie Holloway Phenomenon

How bizzarre. My hit counter peaked today, and when I dove into the statistics I found that 40% of my traffic today were folks that searched for Natalie Holloway. Well, searched the for her, that is... I mean, I assume people who are actually physically searching for have more important places to look for her than some idiot's blog. At least I hope they do!

Anyway, apparently they were hitting my last Natalie Holloway post entitled Breaking News about Natalie Holloway.

I suppose these folks are, what, hooked on the Natalie Holloway case? The mainstream hasn't mentioned anything lately and they've gone digging for her elsewhere? I should alert the mainstream about this phenomenon... I mean, they could be dropping her name left and right about now, couldn't they? I know, I know, its truly sad to think that any source would exploit a girl like Natalie Holloway in order to placate an audience and drive ad revenue. Truly pathetic behaviour... leave poor Natalie Holloway alone!

Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again... Corporate Media Sucks... oh, did I mention you can say it too? Sure, get your Corporate Media Sucks tee shirts and bumper stickers here!



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