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Monday, August 01, 2005

Man I've got it good.

So I'm gorging myself on a dinner of hot dogs and sweet corn picked this morning while Anderson Cooper's 360 is informing me about the nasty drought and famine in . I must confess I couldn't help but appreciate the privileged life I enjoy.

For example Saturday night, after a casual dinner out at a pub, Mrs. Corruption and I went to the , a decadent Western delight if ever there was one, to catch (Best EVER) for the second time this summer. On an August whim, like today, I can hop in the air conditioned Corruption Mobile and listen to my favorite cd from six speaker surround sound while driving 8 miles to Copeland Farm. There I can buy a dozen ears of the best sweet corn on the planet, picked fresh that morning, for $2.00, and grab fresh picked tomatoes for fifty cents a pound to boot. Mmmm BLT's tomorrow! Pretty friggin spoiled life I live, and I'm not even remotely wealthy by standards. Frankly, anybody who's able to read this post on a computer they own who doesn't realize how good they've got it is in bad need of some perspective.

Of course, as Anderson showed me the images he'd taped that day of the starving children and helpless parents I also couldn't help but recall a comedy routine by the late great Sam Kinison:

Come here, look at this, you know what this is? This is sand. You know what its gonna be a hundred years from now? Its gonna be SAND! You live in a f#*&ing desert! Nothing grows here, nothing's gonna grow here! Get your kids! Get your sh@t! We'll make one trip! We'll take you to where the FOOD IS! We have deserts in America, we just don't live in em a$$hole! AHH AHHHHHHH!

Idealistic as Mr. Kinison was, his simplistic solution belied a larger problem of poverty and widespread corruption. We're born into immense privilege here in the US, no doubt about it. I'm not laying a guilt trip here, its just the deal. Enjoy the deal you have folks, somebody ought to. Nevertheless, if you have the means to help those less fortunate, in your community or across the globe, either through direct effort or donation, please do.

Here's a link to get ya started.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go make myself a banana split.


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