Captain Corruption\'s Commentary

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Dragon sleeps tonight.

The have departed for better shores. The 's have flown back to their lairs. The rumors of a corrupted invasion were greatly exaggerated. Another has come and gone.

It was great being surrounded by my peeps for the last four days and I look forward to seeing you all again next year. For now, I'll leave you with lots of links to peruse and a note after having seen these artists works first hand. While their sites look great, none of the art on the following links is done even remote justice via a jpeg or a catalog pic. It all looks so much more impressive in person. If any of it catches your eye buy a print, or the original if you can afford it. You will be thoroughly impressed when your treasure arrives at your doorstep!

Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images
Nene Thomas
Monte Moore's Maverick Arts
Jeff Easley
Ed Beard
Alain Viesca
Larry Elmore

How about one final, tempting, vision from Ruth Thompson before we leave the fantasy realm:

© Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.


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