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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What's Going on with the Lost Liberty Hotel?

Let's check back in on the efforts of Freestar Media LLC to build the on Justice 's property, shall we.

First, you all remember the virtual destruction of property rights brought about recently by Supreme Court of the United states via the decision, doncha? Eminent domain gone mad, the Kelo decision allows the seizure of private property by local governments so that it may be handed over to other PRIVATE property owners on the slim standard that said seizure might provide an increase in local tax revenues.

In response to this outrageous decision Logan Darrow Clements was inspired to create a resort known as the Lost Liberty Hotel. Obviously, a resort Hotel could bring in quite a bit of tax revenue, certainly more than a private residence could generate. Mr. Clements chose the fine town of Weare, New Hampshire for his location. More specifically, he chose the current residence of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, one of the five justices on the majority in the Kelo decision. The Lost Liberty Hotel sounded like a brilliant idea to me, and I was ready to book a vacation there!

It does indeed look, however, like Mr. Clements has met with a roadblock, and its a fine roadblock indeed. The Weare Board of Selectmen, who have responded to Mr. Clements inquiries with the following:

The Weare Board of Selectmen wish to inform all interested parties that we are in full support of protecting the property rights of all our citizens. We have no desire to take land from any owner, even when a legal taking is possible. We will continue to assist homeowners in keeping their property and to enforce their rights of ownership to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, we rebuke all efforts to deny any citizen of Weare their right to enjoy the full, legal use of their land.

Laura Buono, Chair

Leon Methot, Vice Chair

Donna Osborne, Selectman

Joseph Fiala, Selectman

Well, I say good for them! I am impressed indeed that this locality cares more about the of its individual homeowners than extra tax revenues. One hopes that other local governments will hold the same stance, but now that they have the power, don't count on it. I will pay attention to the potential abuses of the Kelo decision and report here when necessary. In the meantime, let your local officials know how you feel. Write em letters. Send em postcards.

I got your eminent domain RIGHT HERE!

More commentary on Eminent Domain and Kelo here.


Anonymous Kira Zalan said...

I thought I saw Alice the other day! Or maybe it was Justice Souter –skipping in Wonderland, immune to and above the laws he passes.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Captain Corruption said...

Through the Looking Glass indeed!

1:04 PM  

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