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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What'd I tell ya bout Rove?

Good ol Neal Boortz has fired the first shot in the polarization of Karl Rove and the Valerie Plame case. Hey, it sells ads and books right... and, well, that's the point!


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The left has a new bogeyman: Presidential Adviser Karl Rove. Referred to by George Bush as 'The Architect' of his two presidential election victories, Rove has been long-hated by the left. Among the many reasons, of course, are that he wins. And since Democrats have been on the losing end of Rove's triumphs, they're gunning for his hide.

Enter the Valerie Plame case. There isn't enough space here or anywhere to fully explain this endless morass of nonsense, but in case you ignore the news from Washington, it goes like this. Somebody told Robert Novak and/or some reporters that Joseph Wilson's wife Valerie Plame was a CIA agent. It's apparently a crime to out a covert agent. It's been said that someone in the Bush administration outed Plame, and everybody has been pointing the finger at Rove.

Then the other day, Larry O'Donnell on MSNBC says it's Rove. The leftist fringe gets all worked into a lather until Rove's lawyer comes out and says, nope.....Rove talked to one of the reporters in question, but didn't give a name. So anyway, get ready for the anti-Rove media onslaught.

Right now, the press is occupied with the G8 meetings...but it won't be long before Rove becomes the lightning rod. In addition, expect the impeachment word to be thrown around quite a bit, and the mainstream media will be right there, ready to lap it up.

You heard it here. The 'impeach Bush' press conference by the Congressional Black Caucus can only be a few days away.

Ha ha! I like it... impressive demagoguery at its best! Go Neal Go!


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