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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Patriotic or Prurient Post? Decisions Decisions...

Soooo on Friday our friendly protectors in the US House of Representatives voted to make the bulk of the good ol permanent, thereby continuing the curtailing of , further eroding our virtually obsolete Constitution, and generally making Osama Bin Lost in Pakistan grin with glee at the impact he continues to have on American society.

Meanwhile in Newaygo County, Michigan: In far more titillating news, Hesperia High School student Russell Sobo was headed to trial on two counts of Child Sexually Abusive activity. What, you ask, did young Mr. Sobo do? Why, he and friend William Gomber video taped some of their female high school student counterparts whilst they eagerly bared their breasts for the camera, style. I'm quite sure the citizens of Newaygo County are pleased to know their District Attorney is aggressively pursuing the prosecution of these perverted perpetrators.

In other urgent news about bare teen breasts: Jurors heard closing arguments in the trial of photographer John Rutter. Mr. Rutter is accused of forging Cameron Diaz's signature on a release form relevant to topless photos he took of Cameron when she was an unknown 19 year old. If convicted Mr. Rutter faces six years in prison... Plenty of time to write a best selling tell all about the sordid tale.

Predictably, wins.

Now, what was all that boring crap about a again?

Cameron Diaz - Cleavage

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