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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Notice a Pattern Here?

Hey I heard once this Republican did something wrong. Hey I heard once this Democrat did something wrong. Yeah, but did you hear about the Republican that did something illegal? Yeah, but did YOU hear about the democrat that did something illegal?

Notice a pattern here?

The pattern I notice is apparently a little broader than the pattern Mr. Boortz notices, but go figure:

The one thing we've heard over and over again from the Democrats regarding Karl Rove is how much they're concerned about national security. Some want Rove's security clearance pulled, others want him fired. We can't have people outing CIA agents, they tell us. Notice a pattern here?

Yup...all of a sudden the left is concerned about national security. But let's go back to just one year ago. Remember Sandy Berger?,2933,126249,00.html He was President Clinton's National Security Adviser. He was investigated and ultimately pled guilty to the unauthorized removal of classified material from the National Archives.

While the 9/11 commission was investigating the attacks on our country, Sandy Berger walked into the National Archives and stuffed documents into his pants, his coat and his socks and stole them. What was in those documents? We'll never know, because Berger admitted to destroying three of the documents.

Anyway, the point in all of this is where was the outrage on the part of the left when Sandy "Pants" Berger was doing his little five-finger-discount routine on highly classified documents? If you recall, the media similarly ignored the story...downplaying and wiping it off the front page within a couple days.

But when it comes to Karl Rove, they're oh-so-concerned about national security. But you see, Rove is a Republican and Berger is a Democrat. And as such, the media template applies: any news that's bad for a Republican is top story and front page. Any news that's bad for a Democrat...well, isn't really news at all.

At least they're consistent."

At least they're consistent AND predictable, they being the pundits of and their pupils. It makes weeks old, yet utterly obvious, predictions kinda boring when they turn out to be true yet again.


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