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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Karl Rove? Golly, what a shock...

To the possible surprise of no one, various sources (Editor and Publisher , Drudge Report , and a little known outfit called Newsweek amongst others) are now indicating that Karl Rove may be the guilty party in the Valerie Plame CIA outing. I can hear it now... the "Right" will scream about the "liberal media's" non stop campaign to turn our country into Godless communism with Rove as the latest target. The "Left" will cry out about the neo-cons bent on world domination and Rove's role in the plot... ya know, or something like that. Whatever the arguments, count on this becoming yet another polarized, "left" vs "right" issue.

"But Captain," you say, "If Rove is guilty, Isn't it a simple case of treason? Isn't it beyond Left and Right?"

NOTHING is beyond Left and Right. As long as the electorate remains polarized, yelling at each other over "their side" being picked on by the other guys, the Republicrats and Democans will maintain their monopoly on power. Neither side minds the occasional fall guy for the media and the courts... they all get pardoned anyway, and they keep the polar opposites yelling. When you're busy yelling "Left Wing Nutjob" or "Right Wing Fascist", and at the same time focused only on the sources that yell the same epithets as you do, you can't possibly be thinking critically or making your own decisions.

Root root root for the home team, if they don't win they don't care, cuz they'll still get the campaign contributions, they'll still get the column space, they'll still sell the books, they'll still get the soft money, and in the end they'll still have the power.

Enjoy the fireworks, folks, and sleep soundly tonight, knowing there are only two sides to any story, and whichever side you've picked is incontrovertibly correct.


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