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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Human Tragedy Continues

By now the entire world has heard about the terrible attacks that have taken place in London today. Yet another tragedy in the long history of hatred on our planet. My condolences to the victims, their families and friends and all those affected by the London blasts.

Emotional reactions are unavoidable when such an event occurs, especially when it is in you or your neighbors back yard. How does one react in the face of such hatred? Sadly, there are those who choose to react with equal hatred of their own, and that is what I write about today. I write because I cannot allow reactions like the following anonymous message board post to be ignored:

I'm at the point where I think we should deport all of those nut case camel jockeys and nuke the entire Middle East, There will never be peace in this world as long as those savages are allowed to keep terrorizing people.

Some of you may have heard your own versions of similar sentiments today, or after the latest car bombing in Iraq, or after the bombings in Madrid, or on September 12th. I certainly heard the following around the water cooler the day the shock and awe campaign began over Baghdad:

If I were in charge I'd flatten it all and turn the whole region into a parking lot.

Kill em all and let God sort em out.

It is simply amazing to me how many folks don't see themselves lowered to the level of those they hate with such sentiments. Responding to hatred with equal hatred does nothing but perpetuate hatred. Try, for a moment, NOT to be savage. Try rising above.

There was this guy a couple thousand years ago who got nailed to a cross for suggesting that folks should forgive transgressions and try to get along. Sadly those thoughts still haven't caught on everywhere. Regardless of your belief in the religions spawned from his life, imagine if folks actually tried to love thy neighbors like their brothers... huh... What a concept.

Let me be perfectly clear about this: This does NOT mean I support the horrific actions in London today, nor does it mean I feel pacifism is the appropriate response. That said, it seems to me that the right thing to do is to pray for those responsible to change their ways, EVEN THOUGH you know they won't, while at the same time carrying out the regrettably necessary task of pursuing them and bringing them to justice by any means necessary. While it is clearly necessary to pursue them, and very likely necessary to use violence in that pursuit, it is regrettable that we are forced into doing so. War is always regrettable. War is the failure of all other options. It is not to be celebrated. It is sad that we must put a bullet in any man's head... It is sad that said man forced our hand in such a way.

Put a bullet in his head if you must, but stop the hate. The hatred serves only itself.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction... The chain reaction of evil -- hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars -- must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the darkness of annihilation." -- Martin Luther King


Blogger PokerandPolitics said...

I think you make an important point, but would you care to elaborate on where you draw the line in the sand between hate and justice ?

Allow me to explain, It is wrong to say that all X are bad so we should kill them, but the probablem with that statement is that many in the Middle East are X, that is they are Islamic, and they are also Y, which is they hate the West. So we could argue that anyone with X and Y deserve justice, and it isn't hate. But often times Hate fuels this Justice. It's a very murky concept. Maybe each individual has to ask him self is he seaking Justice or acting on Hatred. I, unfortunately, think I've done both.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Captain Corruption said...

We've all done both and I realize my post asks for the idyllic, but I figure there ought to be a few voices out there saying so!

I agree its a murky concept as well, but I also feel its much murkier than your two categories.

If X is an Islamic and Y is someone who hates the west (or anywhere for that matter) neither X nor Y deserve anything but what respect they earn, until they act overtly upon that hate. Ya can't punish someone JUST for hating. You can dislike them, but punishment just for hatred is not our job.

Now, when they perpetrate violence, or even overtly act, conspire and plan to perpetrate violence, that's when the justice comes in. Perhaps that's what you meant. Perhaps you speak of group Z... extremist terrorist. Of course, group Z these days consists primarily of Muslim Extremist Terrorists, but it also includes members of the IRA, Timothy McVeigh, abortion Clinic bombers, etc. All folks so outta whack they think killing innocents will somehow further their cause.

Where would I draw the line between hating and justice? That's a good question I think you answered yourself.. each individual should consider it upon acting. And yes, hate often fuels those seeking justice, and when it does I want the justice seeking "hater" on my side :). I expect, though, that at the moment of truth the best trained personel control their emotions, fall back on their training, and do what's necessary.

Not to get too preachy here, (too late, right?) lemme close with a tangent. First, I should say I don't profess to be Christian... I have faith of my own, but I don't attend a Church, and I feel there's wisdom to be found in many places. I mentioned Jesus in my original post because his wisdom applied in my mind, but I find wisdom in Bhudda, in Confuscious, in the Dalai Lhama, in Plato and Socrates, heck even in Larry Flynt :) That said, here's my closing story that left a lasting impression on me:

I saw a woman interviewed after the two men who brutally raped and killed her daughter were convicted. She was asked how she felt about them and the conviction. She said she prayed for their souls every day. I was impressed.

8:42 AM  

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