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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hats off to the people of London, clearly a land of the brave.

I know this isn't a new or original sentiment, but nevertheless I felt the need to say the folks in and throughout England have handled their recent tragedy quite impressively... Of course, who could expect anything else given their survival of the Battle of Britain and the long fight with the IRA? What they've done is stand tall in the face of some punks useless effort to affect them. Well done indeed, and us Americans should plan on the same sort of response the next time we're hit. (its not if kids, its when)

Now, understandably 9/11 was unprecedented world wide, and terrorism was virtually unprecedented here (OK City, the previous WTC bombing, Atlanta Olympics, occasional abortion clinic... All small fry in comparison). Unprecedented or not, when we closed our whole country that day, when some of us freaked out and lined up at gas stations that were jacking their prices, when we cancelled our vacations, when the MLB and the NFL cancelled games, when my small town cancelled its annual Fall Festival carnival... Those were all victories for the terrorists. They wanted us to change our way of life by making us afraid, and many of us complied.

Next time it happens DEFIANTLY go to work that day. Make NEW vacation plans. Throw your own "Fall Festival". Stand up to them. Show them you will NOT be intimidated! When a bomb goes off in Israel the coffee shop up the street stays open. They aren't gonna quit living their lives cuz of a few nuts. Terrorism has been with the world a long time, and its directly affecting us now. There will be other attacks. Its nasty, yah, but its the new world order... Regardless, the only way a terrorist can beat you is if he successfully frightens you into changing your lifestyle. Don't let him!


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