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Thursday, July 28, 2005

And Now For Something That's Actually Important - Pop Culture News v 1.5

I received an exciting e-mail today from the Chicago House of Blues offering me two for one tix to an Aug 2nd concert. I gotta confess it made me grin... Whitesnake can't sell the joint out at $45.00 a whack and gotta do the big mark down, but my Spud Boys are packing the joint two nights in a row, Aug 25th and 26th at $65.00. Hair was a fad... De-evolution is real!

Bob1 photo by Gary Edwards, mutated by Captain Corruption, please don't use without permission.

In other music world news, look for both Nine Inch Nails and Pearl Jam to start major US tours in September... , , and all put on outstanding shows, so catch em if ya can!

Pearl Jam - Magnusson Park '92

Pearl Jam - Magnusson Park '92

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PS. The future Mrs. Corruption was in that Pearl Jam crowd...


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